Output audio is somehow playing through input.

Hey there I have a 2020 Mac, 2 Yahama HS7 Studio Monitors, a Steinberg MK2 audio interface and a Rode 1 microphone.

So I not only use my mac for music but during these times in covid I use these things for talking to my friends but for some reason my mic is very silent despite having the volume knob for the input all the way up.
But even more annoying/confusing is that all and literally all my audio, be it spotify, google, or logic pro x, that comes throught the output also comes in the output for whatever reason. so pretty much my input is acting like an output.

Anyone had this problem before and know how to fix it?

P.S. Sorry if I didn’t post this in the correct section, new to this site.

Edit: I think I have been able to point the problem towards the audio interface I unplugged my mic studio headset and studio monitors and turned all volume knobs down and it still is playing sound that can be heard on my desktop through my audio interface even though i can’t even hear it right now??? When recording my screen with Quicktime player and playing back the recorded footage I funnily enough can hear the audio though.