Output Bus on Timeline

I have my main out bus as a track on the timeline, but that’s only because this happens by default. How do I get my second guitar out bus which merges 3 amp mic tracks, and a DI track, onto the timeline.

I have made a group track, but that is not out bus track.

Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry, but I probably don’t understand your terminology really. Maybe a screenshot would help to explain what do you want to achieve?

Does it mean you have one Audio track recorded. And now you want to record another Audio track? Just add another Audio track, select an input, and record it. If you need to use other input, which is not assigned yet, open the VST Connections (Audio Connections in Cubase 10) > Inputs and add a new Input bus with assigned other input Device Port.

Press the „write“ button on the mixer chnanel, or press the „global write button“…?


Please don’t press Write (W), this is write off automation.

Enable Record on the track (this is, how do you decide to witch track to record). And then press the Record on the Transport bar to start the record.

Which will then make the output bus visible in the tracklist of the project window, which how I understand it, is what the OP is asking.
So please do press the write button (2x) of thr mixconsole channel.

Totally understandable confusion. Great idea though, thanks! :bulb: :arrow_right:

I would like the stereo out bus, named “Stereo Out,” (seen at the bottom right of this image), as a track in the “Input/Output Channel” folder, (seen at the top left of this image), alongside the “Main out” stereo out bus, as what I would call an active track. (Look for the red arrows.)

As of now all tracks going to this inactive stereo out bus get left behind during mix down.

You can see how on the Mix Console, where all the faders are, the name tag for “Stereo Out” is dark.

Thanks all!

This put the track up there, but it is still not active!

(Its name tag is still dark, and it doesn’t mix down.)

It seems to work now, and the name tags are lit up.
Much love all!