Output Buss Quantity Limitations?

Does anyone know if there are any limitations on the number of active output busses that can be created in Cubase 6.5?

I have been working with routing a single input channel to multiple output channels by creating a “no connection” Output Buss such as “Guitar Out” for example. Then creating multiple Audio channels that use “Guitar Out” as their input.

The VST Connections window doesn’t seem to care about how many I create, but the question is, “Can they all be active or is there a limitation on the number of active ‘no connection’ busses that can be in use at any one time?”

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This question came up because of a tips and tricks post from Steinberg.

By taking a single audio track and piping it out to a buss from which you can then create multiple outputs from the single source.

You can then process each one of those different outputs as you see fit.

For example a single guitar output can become say 4 guitars per se since you could apply a number of affects unique to each channel.

256 mono or 128 stereo busses.

Thanks thinkingcap. That should be adequate for my needs.