Output clipping with meter level below zero

Hi, I’m quite new to Cubase so apologies if this is a stupid question.

I have a padshop midi track playing solo, with the peak meter level under the inspector audio fader showing a max level of -4db. However, the output channel mixer is showing audio clipping. I have the output mixer fader set to max, but I didn’t think this would boost the level above the -4db shown on the audio fader meter level?

I assume I must be missing something obvious.


Hi and welcome on the forum,

By default, Cubase’s faders have +6dB at the maximum. So if you have a headroom of +4dB and you boost +6dB on the Stereo Out, it might clipping.

Btw, you can change this setting to +12dB (what is Nuendo’s default settings) in the Project Setup > Other Project Settings > Volume Max.

Thanks for the response. I did wonder about that, but unlike the track audio faders the output channel level control doesn’t seem to show any figures, just a plain slider (which is why I assumed that max would be 0db). So if maxing out the output channel level control boosts the signal above the original level, how can you know where to set the slider to be at 0db?


There is the value bellow the fader.

You get the default value (0.0dB) if you Ctrl/Cmd+click the fader.