Output from CUBASE

Dear all,

I bought STEINBERG UR22mkII and with this card I have also Cubase Elements. First I instaled Yamaha software for STEINBERG UR22mkII and after that I registred my CUBASE licencion code and I downloaded it. When I wanted to start with recording I turned on cubase and for first step I conected cubase with my STEINBERG UR22mkII.

Input is STEINBERG UR22mkII but output also. When I started with recording I saw that I recording right but I cant hear anything When I want to play my record. Also I try tu put drums from EZ drummer. I did it but I didnt hear anything.

I looked to my VST conections and in Output I have a STEINBERG UR22mkII too, I try to change this settings, but it cant happend. So I undertanded that I have to conect my Repro with headphones from STEINBERG UR22mkII, but again nothing.

Sorry meybe Im stupid, but Im working with cubase first time. I try change output in Windows, but this also did not work.

Please help me. :slight_smile: Thank you very much.

Can you show a screengrab of VST connections output tab please.

Yes, When I will be back at home today, I will send you screen. :slight_smile:

As you can see on attached picture I have on Output only Steinberg sound card.

Hi there

Looks to me like you have the wrong driver installed, that is a firewire interface showing up there not the UR22 that you say you have.

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No, sorry I dont have internet at home so I downloaded this picture from google.

Problem is that I have in Device port my UR22mkII, but still I can´t hear any sound from Cubase.

Please help me, because I dont know what I have to do with that, I reinstalled software also Yamaha driver and nothing.

OK. It is not so easy to diagnose the issue without seeing what settings you have made, but lets try this.

You say that you did manage to record something…so you see a waveform created when you record?
this suggests the UR22 is installed correctly and the driver is selected.

So when you play back this track does the channel meter move? How about the meter for the stereo output?
(Make sure to disable input monitoring for playback (the speaker icon on the track)

Do you have monitor speakers plugged into the UR22 or only headphones??

The ur22 has a monitor pot on the front where you can blend in input monitoring.
Don’t know if it has any impact on the playback.
Are the vst connection changed to the new drivers ins and outs ?