Output issue?

Hi Guys,

First, what is the difference between :

  • “Master Output” in Edit > Preferences… > “AUDIO” tab
  • “Main” in Devices > Connections… > “AUDIO” tab > Outputs MAIN/Device

Then, the issue I found is that if you try to change the outputs of MAIN, it does not replace the outputs in the card sound but add in parallel… it means that for example, I start with MAIN = Stéréo 1/2. Then I change to Stéréo 3/4. In my sound card, I have signal from Live Vst in Stéréo 1/2 + Stéréo 3-4… If I change 10 times, I will have 10 times the signal to the 10 configured stéréo outputs.

That one will be removed, sorry.

Cannot reproduce, what is your system and audio device? Make sure to leave the preferences setting untouched.

I’m using X32 rack so with 32 In/Out.
I will try to reproduce and describe the exact step by step.

Thank you, will try that myself. Pls let me know your OS (Windows or OSX)?

Sorry, it is Windows 10

Please, see below the exact step by step :

1- Create a project with MAIN = Out 17/18

  • The sound goes to 17/18 on my audio device :

2- Change MAIN to 19/20

  • The sound stay to 17/18 + goes to 19/20 :

3- Change again to 21/22 then 23/24, the sound goes from 17 to 24 :

Now I got it - it was invisible with my setup. Thanks for the report, will be fixed.

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I have noticed a similar problem. I am new to working with VST Live (VST instrument) on macos in conjunction with a Dante Virtual Soundcard (with 48x48 in/outs).
Have set the MAIN output in Live to ‘DVS stereo output 35+36’. However, a parallel signal from VST Live also comes to the mixer on DVS output channel 1+2.
Further outputs are set in VST Live only for metronome (Output 7+8). No other plugins or further outputs…

Is it still happening? And if so, which version are you using? You should try the latest prerelease at vstlive.net.

I had the issue this week with version 1.3.10
Will try with the latest prerelease tomorrow!

So I had the time to test the newest prerelease. Same behavior like the release version 1.3.10.

I set the MAIN to DVS channel “35+36”
and my parts are only set to Stereo Out

And with that I get a signal on our WING on both Dante “1+2” and “35+36”

While playing Keyboard via MainStage I never had this sort of issue with the DVS outputs. So this can’t be a problem with DVS in general or the system I guess…

So i tried to change the output channels to “31+32” for MAIN but same problem.
Signal via Dante on both “1+2” and “31+32” (sorry can upload only one picture for the entry) on the WING

BTW the CLICK output (5+6) is not affected

I also tried deleting the MAIN output and create it new in VSTLive.
Not working. This problem continues…

What happens when you mute the main channel or even better lower its volume all the way down? Does the signal disappear on both output pairs?

Hey musicullum! When I lower the volume of the stereo out/MAIN slider in VSTLive, the signal disappears on both output pairs on the console equally.

Ok, we need to narrow this.
So with my UR22 created a 2nd port Stereo 3+4 and out channel “second” routed to that. Then 2 audio tracks, one sent to stereo and the other to second. Moving either fader will have no influence on the other, and that comes to no surprise.
We also had a similar test set up with an x32 setup, as there used to be a bug quite some time ago.
We see no way yet how this could go wrong. This is a complex setup so you may want to narrow it to 2 tracks or so as well. You may send your .vlprj file so we can possibly emulate the problem here, thanks.

So here is the link to my project file. I hope this works

Can’t upload here because its bigger than 4 MB.

Tomorrow I can do some more testing about the issue.

Its not this complex setup. The Dante Channels 1-32 are for use with another app that isn’t runing at all for the moment. And the System Outs in the macos Midi-Audio-Settings is set for Dante Channels 33+34. But I will have another try…

Can’t find anything wrong with this.

MAIN has been assigned to several outputs when saving the project. It was assigned to 1+2, 33+34, “Stereo” (could be a different device), and the last and current 35+36.
Will check for Dante specifics, but it is supposed to be a black box for apps.

By console you mean the VST Live Mixer? What do its meters show?

If you have 2 out channels in VST Live, and you route a signal to out 1, then you say signal also appears on out 2 which it should not. But if VST Live shows meter and signal reacting only on one channel when lowering volume, the problem is most probably outside of VST Live.

I will try to describe the phenomenon again step by step.
In VST Live, I want to use one or two VST instruments per song part. Their outputs are routed to the StereoOut in VST Live by default. This in turn is routed to the MAIN output, which is assigned to outputs 35+36 of the DVS.

I’ve been playing with this exact setup for two years via MainStage without this problem on the same machine. This only occurs now with VST Live.

The outputs of my Dante Virtual Soundcard are patched 1:1 to our WING mixer using “Dante Controller” (channels 1 to 36 on channel 1 to 36). There was no parallel routing done in the controller software there either. As I said, with MainStage I don’t have the problem currently either.

The problem is that the audio signal from VST Live is not only sent through channel 35+36 of the DVS, but is also sent to the mixer in parallel on channel 1+2 of the DVS. Although in VST Live the outputs 1+2 are not addressed at all. (that was the screenshot in the earlier post; you can see the input signal on 1+2 and 35+36)

The hint with the pulling down of the fader I referred to the “StereoOut” fader in VST Live. When I pull it down, the audio signal from VST Live becomes quieter at the receiver (WING) both on channel 1+2 and on 35+36.

It’s as if both pairs of outputs are running in true parallel mode, feed from the same source in VST Live, even though output 1+2 has no signal assigned to it by me at all…

Ok, that is certainly wrong.

MAIN was assigned to 1+2 at some point (earlier project save) as I can see in your project. Maybe you could delete MAIN from connections, re-create it, and assign 35+36, will that make a difference? Also try to save the project under a different name (“Save As”) thereafter, and send it again, should that not resolve the issue, thanks.

Would you also have the possibility to check if the problem also occurs with channels lower than 32? With the x-32 it might be possible to reproduce it.

Thank you for your help! I already tried deleting MAIN and recreating it. No effect!
I will try your other suggestions this evening! Also creating a new project for testing…

It could be that MAIN was at first assigned to 1+2. But in the actual version of the project only to 35+36 :slight_smile: I first tried VST Live via the MacBook internal Loutdspeakers as output.

You may also try “help/Delete user data”, who knows.