Output issue?

Hi Guys,

First, what is the difference between :

  • “Master Output” in Edit > Preferences… > “AUDIO” tab
  • “Main” in Devices > Connections… > “AUDIO” tab > Outputs MAIN/Device

Then, the issue I found is that if you try to change the outputs of MAIN, it does not replace the outputs in the card sound but add in parallel… it means that for example, I start with MAIN = Stéréo 1/2. Then I change to Stéréo 3/4. In my sound card, I have signal from Live Vst in Stéréo 1/2 + Stéréo 3-4… If I change 10 times, I will have 10 times the signal to the 10 configured stéréo outputs.

That one will be removed, sorry.

Cannot reproduce, what is your system and audio device? Make sure to leave the preferences setting untouched.

I’m using X32 rack so with 32 In/Out.
I will try to reproduce and describe the exact step by step.

Thank you, will try that myself. Pls let me know your OS (Windows or OSX)?

Sorry, it is Windows 10

Please, see below the exact step by step :

1- Create a project with MAIN = Out 17/18

  • The sound goes to 17/18 on my audio device :

2- Change MAIN to 19/20

  • The sound stay to 17/18 + goes to 19/20 :

3- Change again to 21/22 then 23/24, the sound goes from 17 to 24 :

Now I got it - it was invisible with my setup. Thanks for the report, will be fixed.

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