output level from control room?

I like the volume control in the control room but can anyone tell me what level is it sending out, it has a scale and my mixer shows the levels way down compared to the cue mix outputs.
if i set up the cue mix with just a 1kh sine tone and monitor that it shows about 6db louder than monitoring the main stereo outs and thats with the cr volume set to 0.0, if i want the same level on the cue and stereo outs I have to set it to around +6 or all the way up surely this cant be right.

Maybe the pan law Settings are involved in some step(s) of your Signal chain?

Does the Level-differnce also occur if you listen to the “mix” via the cue?

Cheers, Ernst

Thanks for the reply
I will check the pan law and see if it makes a difference.
Definately something not right here, The cue mix is much louder, this is with no vsts just a recorded 1kh tone
I am using a 01v96i mixer/interface and the meters on the 01v are showing a much higher input level with the cue than the main outs, although you dont need the meters, you can here the difference.

Hi, I will check tonight whether I can reproduce the issue on my System

Maybe we find a solution.

Cheers, Ernst

Just as another attempt to help: Do you happen to have the control room Level DIMMED ?

cheers, Ernst

or listen level?

Both dim and listen are off.
only way i found to balance the main out and cue is to set the volume right up but pretty sure this is not the answer

Hm, strange… could it be that the cue Outputs are assigned twice and the Signal is doubled? (Vst-Connections or some Routing outboard?)

Cheers, Ernst

Hi, I tried to reproduce your Problem - everything is working perfectly here as expected. There must be something in your Signal chain… hm… strange.

Cheers, Ernst

You can set in the input gain to each physical output separately. Perhaps you inadvertently changed this?


Thats it Steve
Thanks a million guys for all your suggestions and help
I been using cubase in a commercial enviroment for ten years now and i still get caught out,
Anyone tell me how long this control been in there?.

If you are talking about the input gain and phase switch for your Control Room monitor outs I just checked C5 and it is there in old style control room. So this certainly isn’t anything new. Like you say, you learn something everyday.