Output Port Headphones not showing and unable to activate

Hi, I have been using Cubase for two months now and all of the sudden I am unable to hear sounds using my headphones. I tried activating my earbuds in the Asio control panel, but it keeps going back to inactive and the name does not show up too in the output. I also tried to completely redownload the software and it still does not work sadly. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome.

Wow, this looks like Cubase VST 5 for PC from 25 years ago.
So I have to go back into the archive section of my brain.

You are using the ASIO MME (multimedia extensions) driver in Cubase. Usually Cubase will show the ports that the OS Windows trasnmits to it. So if your headphones don’t show here, do they show in Windows?
Furthermore it looks like the is a second entry for the outputs but the name is just blank. Could that be your headphones?

There is another possibility - your headphones might share the same output port as your speakers, ie. the Realtek output. In this case you would not to switch from speakers to headphones in a Realtek setup software, outside of Cubase.

Thanks for your help!

I don’t know exactly how I got it to work again, but it might have indeed been the same output as the Realtek speakers since they are now both working after some tinkering with my soundsettings.

Thans again for your suggestions!