Output question

Hello, I have a strange behaviour of dorico.

  • I open dorico on my MacBook 2018
  • headphones are plugged in
  • Importing a one - trumpet xml file from logic
  • adjusting a trumpet to the instrument
  • now the sound comes out of the MacBook speakers
  • even if I turn down the global volume of the computer the sound still comes out of the speakers
    -… So where is the dialogue to adjust the output of dorico
  • and why doesn’t it react on the global volume?

Thanx for help

Try Preferences>Play>(all the way down) Audio device setup. Choose Built-in audio at the ASIO driver list, then you can open Device Control Panel… and disable Set Device Attenuation to 0 dB if that prevents you from changing the volume with the audio buttons.
If Automatically configure devices is ticked, then speakers or headphones should be automatically chosen for you. You can override this by unclicking it and managing it yourself.

Thanx, but that doesn’t work. The

Automatically configure devices is ticked
but it theres no output at all. When I try to change to “headphones” the eternal colored ball appears and I have to restart the program…

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here. I will then ask @Ulf to have a look, as he can normally diagnose these kinds of problems.