Output routing order does not reflect actual track order

You can see that the track order in the output routing in this screenshot does not reflect the order of the tracks on the arrangement. It seems the ordering is by track creation, not alphabetical and not reflective of repositioned tracks on the arrangement.

Cubase 12.0.40 on Windows 11 powered by Intel i9-12900KS.

It ever was in the order of the creation.

It’s a pain in the neck.

I don’t understand…

If I understand correctly what happens if you reorder tracks is that the key command for next/previous track works fine, but not when selecting multiple tracks by using the shift+next/previous track… meaning if you’ve “broken” the order somehow there won’t be a “logical” renumbering of tracks based on what we see on screen. I’m not saying btw that the problem is the numbering of the tracks necessarily, it could simply be that some things shouldn’t rely on it and instead rely on the actual order visually.

There are other cases where I think not being able to reorder is a pain (or a new order isn’t reflected where ‘desired’). It’s just a bit clunky is all.

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Yes, but after you close and reopen the project, the groups are displayed where they should be, according to the track number.

In the lists it was always in the order of creation… this represents a hierarchical order, important in the case of auto creation of sends.
But the order in the project view could be totally different.

I can’t see a problem here.
If you have a template with an already implemented order and the order would change to alphabetical, it would be disappointing for all relying on the prebuilt order.
And I have ordered my groups with the use cases in mind.

You’re right, re-opening the project re-orders the tracks in the list to reflect the order as displayed in the arrangement. This just affirms my stance that this is a bug, since Cubase intends to list the items in the same order as the arrangement, but lists don’t reorder when an arrangement track reorder event is triggered.

You can see in this updated screenshot that after closing and re-opening Cubase, the output list of the channel updated to reflect the order of the tracks in the arrangement, specifically the “Subbass” group is no longer listed at the bottom but is now correctly listed before “Basses”

So have I, but it’s not like there’s never a need to change things, right?

Yep, it seems more like a bug. But its not a big issue (for.me at least), since you’ll reopen a project multiple times anyway.