output sound

I just installed cubase ai and when i try to get sound output from my computer speakers from my guitar nothing happens. I am just getting started and am using one of the pre set templates offered.also using vst for tone generator. I am using ur 12 interface plenty of signal going into ur12 plenty of signal on mixing board but no sound out from guitar. there is a pre programmed drum track that produces output on this template but I cant figure how to make the guitar output work. any ideas are greatly welcome
Thankx Frank

Hi and welcome,

Could you describe your setup and connection, please?

As explained in the manual:
Input device = Output device, so recording via the UR 12 means output via the UR 12, unless you use ASIO4All (PC) or “Aggregated device” (Mac). Mentioned extensively on the forums - search function top right. Otherwise connect speakers to your UR 12.

I would also recommend Cubase 7 Quick Start Video Tutorials