Outputs 3 or 4 UT-RT4 for reamp problems

Hello! st10ss this is the information when I list de outputs:

try to use Mix 2 R

Hi Steffen, but I understand that the Mix 2 L & R output is the same as the Master L & R, right?

No it’s not… it’s a separate bus

Sorry, I try to get out through the “Line Output 2” on the back, which would be the equivalent of “MIX 2R” and I can’t send any signal to the Kemper. Thanks for your patience, but something so simple escapes me.

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Félix, please read carefully what we say. I quote again here what I said and what st10ss quoted.

UR RT4 MIX 2 R is the physical output number 4, not 2. Please read the quoted text above.

Now you have set up the output right, but keep you line cable at output 4!


MIX 1: MAIN physical output
Also MIX 1: physical outputs 1 and 2
MIX 2: physical outputs 3 and 4

Oops, great, congratulations! and forgive me again for my stupidity, I just realized what you were saying! It works perfectly. Thank you very much for your effort, I thank you greatly

For some reason the improper order of exits with respect to name was etched in my head.

Thank you Knopf & st10ss for your support, really.

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I am glad it worked. Maybe to say stupidity is a little too much here, but in the future please assure yourself to read very carefully what people trying to help you are writing. And as a suggestion, in case of doubt, in the manual (not the quick guide that comes in paper with the UR, but the downloadable PDF) there are very good block diagrams.

Y ahora a lo importante, compañero, que es justamente hacer música y echar a volar la creatividad.

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Thanks Knopf!, thank you very much for your effort