Outputs using Superior Drummer 3 with Cubase Pro 10 (PC)

I’m hoping you can help.

I’musing Superior Drummer 3 with Cubase Pro 10 (PC)

When I activate the SD3 Outputs on a VST Rack in Cubase 10 all those channels show up in both the Mixer Layout and the Windows layout.

However, when I Activate multiple outputs using SD3 as a VST Instrument, those separate tracks only show up in the Mixer Layout.

Attached are SD3 Screenshots as VST Instruments and an SD3 Screenshot as a VST Rack Instrument

Any Insight?

Cheers and Many Thanks!


With „using as VST instrument“ you mean using an instrument track? And with „windows layout“ you mean the tracklist in the project window?
If so - open the automation lanes underneath the main instrument track.

As Svennilenni said, you need to open the automation lanes.

See attached…the black circle on the project page instrument track.

Thanks so much! That worked!

Can you tell me the technical reason for having to show separate VST Instrument tracks by unfolding Automation Vs Separate Tracks Automatically showing up as a VST Rack?

Cheers and many Thanks!