Outputs with Cubase pro 11

This may be a daft question -
With Cubase pro 11 the only use I see for using the physical outputs is for external fx. With earlier versions before the ability to render a midi track I cabled outputs directly to inputs.
I don’t think the audio interface matters for this question-but I used a MOTU 2408, now a UR816c


What is your use case? What do you want to achieve? Where are the MIDI tracks routed to?

My question is what can I use the outputs for other than external fx gear?
Thanks Martin

I use extra outs to a headphone amplifier so musicians can have a different mix. Also another use is record a guitar direct then feed out of a output to a guitar amp and record.

Thats a great use for guitars. I’m thinking of a reason to patch an output for an internal instrument to a input channel.
Thanks for your reply


For analog mixing.