"Outside Prefetch" controller Messages & Hanging MIDI notes


I have recorded a song on my PSR keyboard (using styles), and I loaded it into cubase. On cubase, I set inputs of the created MIDI track ( 11 tracks) to None and inputs to proper channels of Port 2 of my MIDI as was It was recorded.

When I play back everything is fine except at the spots when I have program changes, I get hanging notes and I have to reset MIDI each time.

I noticed there are few controllers messages just before program changes that have comments “outside prefetch” on MIDI monitor. Please see attachment.

In fact, I slelect the patches but then on my PSR display they go blank and random hanging notes, etc. occur from that point.

I assume these are not buffered and cause issue. Strangely the MIDI monitor shows controller messages, but when I go to list editor, I don’t see controller messages ( they are not hidden/filtered).

What should I do please? I also tried to filter MIDI-MIDI filter in Preferences as well as midi logic editor to remove all controllers message between in cycle range, but it does not resolve the issue with patches and also hanging MIDI notes. Like it said it is always just before program changes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Could you attach a screenshot of the List Editor around the problematic part, please? And could you mark there, when the problems start, please?