Outside prefetch sustain pedal cubase 8

Hello everybody!!
I have a big problem with cubase 8!!!
My sustain is not working well, and the controller 64 shows in the Midi inspector outside prefetch

Can you please help me!
I have motu ultralite and win 7, 64 bit

Greetings Tina :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

Could you be more specific, please? What do you mean by “is not working well” exactly?

When I record from my masterkeyboard Yamaha pf 80 and I play, then some of the notes (stay longer you can see them longer) ,even if the sustain is not pressed anymore, and sometimes the sound of one note stays and you can hear it.

They hold on!
In the midi listen Editor then it shows sustain outside prefetch…
This only happens when I use my sustain from Yamaha…
And when I Midi Insert Effects on midi control and click the e button thenThen the Listen Editor does not open…I made an update on Cubase 8.0.3 but nothings now better…
But I found something out

If i press in midi overlapping erase then it goes away…whats the reason ?
Thank you!!!For answering!


That’s weird. I would probably recommend you to disable your preferences.

tHank you I solved that problem