"Over 5 hours of HD video tutorials"

Hi all,

I recently purchased Cubase Pro 9. I am looking for the tutorials that are mentioned on the Steinberg website.

“Over 5 hours of HD video tutorials - available on YouTube”

I can not find Cubase Pro 9 tutorials on the Steinberg Youtube Channel. I can only find videos for previous versions.

Does anyone know where I can find the videos advertised? Surely they wouldn’t be advertised if they didn’t exist?


I did´t show alle the tutorials yet. But the features in the 9 Version are most equal to the previous Version. There aren´t so many changes in the new Version. On the Cubase Channel you can see all the new features.


Try: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcQBdibdDxH2ngu3kNPYOEA/videos?shelf_id=2&view=0&sort=dd

As far as I could see they did not say those “hours and hours” are for Cubase 9 Pro explicitly.

Keep in mind that all tutorials for previous versions (say 8 and 8.5 or even 7.5 and 7) are still valid for Cubase 9, because Cubase 9 has all the stuff of previous version but add some new stuff on top of that.

Just do a search on YouTube for Cubase 8.5 and more early versions and you get tons of tutorials (not all from Steinberg though). If you watch these tutorials for previous versions and do a “tour of new stuff” for Cubase 9, you have -indeed- “hours and hours” of video tutorials.

Hope this helps… :wink:.