Over a beat boundary - quarter note, or tied eights?

I’ve got a lot of syncopation in a score that I’m doing. Here’s a fragment:

Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 16.18.31 PM

The E spanning beats 2-3 is notated as tied eighths, but then there’s a quarter note spanning beats 3-4, and another in the second measure. I don’t remember how I entered this fragment - it may have been a midi import - but is there a way to enforce notating a note like the quarter note in the first bar as tied eighths? Am I being overly sensitive about this? How do most players prefer to see it?

Check out Notation Options > Note Grouping > Syncopation. There are options for splitting notes at beat boundaries.

I would group that exactly as you already have it.


There is a usual rule that the middle of the bar must be shown; though there are exceptions for some syncopations.
But yes, I’d agree with Fred that I’d want it just how it is. Note durations are displayed differently depending on where they are: could be over a barline, or over a beat.