Over dubing

I an trying to overdub vocals over an imported backing track using cubase 7 with a new Yamaha USB connected 10 track mixer. I wish to hear the backing through headphone connected to the mixer whilst I sing the song but not have any trace of the backing recorded on the vocal track. I think this might be a setting in the device area and some form of bus configuration can anyone give me a novice guide to this please.

Hi Dovestone,

if I understand you right, you want to listen to what you are recording but not to what is already recorded? If that is the case, then you could just mute the already recorded track.

Hope this helps!


He/she has one backing track, that is looped back to the recording and mixed with the microphone recording…

If only it was that simple Louis. I have imported a backing track and now wish to make several
Vocal tracks so that I choose the best parts of these for a vocal track which I can then edit volume of add effects etc I need to hear the backing track whilst recording the vocals but I do not want any part of the backing track to be recorded on the vocal tracks. I hope that’s clear. Can you help please.

Playback from the DAW shouldn’t automatically be recorded with a mic signal.

Are you selecting the correct mic channel as an input in Cubase?
Might help if you say which usb mixer you have.

For this you will want to enable using lanes on your vocal track. Read up on this in the Operation Manual.

This is recording 101.
I suggest you take a course or find some tutorials on basic studio recording- you might even find some on You-Tube.

I am using a Yamaha MG10 au. Thank you for you replies and help. Strange enough It had occurred to me to read the operation manual I did but being a bit thick I couldn’t make any sense if it! This is why I turned to the forum guess we all have to start somewhere I shall now look specifically at how to enable Lanes Brihar if you say that’s the solution. If anyone has a step by step idiots guide or utube link to this I would be grateful just to get me going please.
thanks again.

I telly don’t know. How do I do that please? I am using a Yamaha MG 10 au

That is not the solution to your inital problem.
Your problem is probably, that you are somehow sending out the Cubase playback signal into the mixer (certainly via the USB connection), where it gets mixed with the signal of the microphone and goes back into Cubase.

In a nutshell then:
You’ll need to set up a “Cue” either on your mixer or in Cubase. This will feed a pair of (preferably “closed back”) headphones with the Backing track and as much of your live mic as you need. This will provide you with what you need to hear while singing into the mic, without having bleed of the backing track feeding into the mic as well.
Read up on setting up a cue or artist headphone mix in your mixer manual or in the Control Room section of the Cubase Manual.

Your recording track will be set up in one of the cycle modes (again read about working with lanes). You can then subsequently switch between the lanes to decide on which take is the best - or even cut and assemble a perfect take from the best sections of multiple takes.

Thanks for that something to go on now.


At the bottom of this sheet read the “using the unit connected to a computer” section.
You need to understand the bit about the TO MON/TO ST button and you should get there.

Thank you so much. Definitely something to work on there.

i have the mg12xu and in my case i just turned off the 11/12-usb channel, but leaving the usb button on!
that way i get no signal from previous tracks on my new track, just audio, and whatever input i give…
I don’t know why, and when i say ‘just’ i mean i trashed my unit and pulled all of my pubic hair out in the process!