Over Fool's Hill

This is my first time putting one of my songs up here. This is something recorded about a year and a half ago with Cubase Pro 9. The synths are all halion and or retrologue, and the drums and percussion were halion and groove agent. The bass and guitars were all analog and played by me too.

Obviously hoping anyone listening to this will like it.


You should meet my son. His cup o’ cha.

I thought it was dense, but interesting. Good master. :wink:

Thanks for weighing in and the good words. I agree about the density, but that was kind of my intention with that piece. A hard slog over an obstacle. Not sure if you checked any of my other things out that I put up here, but they’re all pretty eclectic. The one you’ll see called The Sixties or Life’s Work might be a bit more in your wheelhouse.