Over my head..... playback issues

OK, I will try to make this brief…

I am not very “functional” in the playback realm of things. A lot of things I don’t understand.

I am working on a snare drum duet. I am using the Virtual Drumline (VDL) as my sound library. I am trying to get each instrument to pan left or right.

I have the 2nd snare drum to pan right. It seems to work with no issue. I am trying to set the 1st snare drum to pan left. Every time I press play, the 1st snare drum is centered. I press the ‘e’, and pan to the left on SD 1. Press play again, it is centered. Go to the ‘e’, it shows SD1 is centered. Drag to pan left, save, and close. Press play, SD1 is centered. Look under ‘e’, SD1 is centered. Pan left, rinse, and repeat. The panning left does not “stick”.

What am I doing wrong? Can anybody explain?


Have you tried panning directly on Dorico’s mixer? The Pan parameter in your VSTi might be automated (and reset to center… unless you overwrite the “automation” somewhere, like a cc?)
The panning in Dorico is not programmable (yet) so you should get the result you want.

Well, I’m not 100% sure, but I think that made things worse.

I’ll keep playing with it.


I cannot imagine how this could make things worse, but I don’t know VDL. Are the separate snares on different faders in the mixer? Then it should be easy and reliable. If not (like NotePerformer), then the plug-in editor should be used.

Here is what I have…

I move the sliders to pan the 2 separate channels.

When I go back to write mode, and hit play, channel 5 (SD2) does play to the right speaker. But Channel 1 (SD1) plays centered. When I reopen the VST Rack, SD1 is some how centered again.

When I move the sliders at the bottom of the window to pan there. Panning SD2 to the right mutes the voice, so I cannot hear it.

If I keep SD2 centered in the mixer and just move SD1, it doesn’t work. SD2 doesn’t play. I have restarted Dorico numerous times, in between testing things. For some reason Kontakt, is not remaining panned left even when saved. I am not sure if Dorico is sending some signal to Kontakt to do that. Or if Kontakt is sending some signal to Dorico.

This may be a very basic thing, but Playback is certainly my weakness when it comes to Dorico.

Thanks for you help Marc. If you can think of anything else, please let me know.


I just tried something else… I opened Kontakt, and deleted all of the instruments.

I then loaded the saved multi that has these 2 instruments. When the multi loaded, it showed SD1 panned left, SD2 panned right. I went to write mode, hit play, it sounded centered. Reopened Kontakt, and SD1 was centered.

Is there some place else that might be sending panning information that I am unaware of?


You have to open settings individually for those plugins and unclick ”accept common controllers for volume and pan”


Yes, exactly…open instrument options in each Kontakt instance (click the cog wheel) and go to the controller tab. If you uncheck that as SampoKasurinen suggests, the panning should not get reset each time you hit PLAY in Dorico.

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That did the trick.!!!

Thank you so much the help!