Overall Editing Responsiveness in 6.5.40 64bit

I did not see a thread on this yet, but maybe I missed it. I am trying out Nuendo 6.5.40 in an attempt to switch from ProTools. I am using it right now for some heavy editing, but I am noticing a great deal of lag in the responsiveness of the system. Including, but not limited to:

-update of cursor position when clicking with selection tool
-adjusting clip gain
-adjusting clip automation
-sometimes when pressing play (sometimes will begin playing without audio and i have to stop and play again)
-sometimes trimming or fading a clip using the clip corner functions
-randomly, every now and then, getting a spinning wheel for 1-2 secs (some may be related to auto-save, but not all)

I am running this on a MacBook Pro 2011 with:
Yosemite 10.10.2
1GB AMD Radeon Graphics
2.2GHz Intel i7 Quad-core
solid state drive for master
7200RPM drive for project files and storage
Nuendo 6.5.40 in 64-bit

My current project does have a lot of edits. Around 1500 different clips (according to the Pool) from splitting a few large audio files into bits. Might this have an effect (even though it shouldn’t, as this is a standard process in post-audio)? Are there some sort of optimization settings I might be missing? Or is my computer not fast enough to handle this (which I somewhat doubt). I do not have but a few plugins running that aren’t cpu intensive, and have even tried deactivating them all.

I am used to clicking around pretty quickly in Pro Tools, which has always been very responsive. So far, I really enjoy Nuendo and would like to make the switch, but I am afraid in bigger projects, that this responsiveness may be an issue. Has anyone else here experienced this and/or resolved it? Thank you!

I’m experiencing a very similar thing in Cubase 8 - funnily enough trying it instead of Pro Tools too. It’s SO SLOW when editing audio, like you not much going on, just trying to get going on a session.

The entire audio side is super slow - even moving faders and hitting mute buttons has a second or so lag before hearing results. I’m hoping there’s a simple setting I’m missing, but I’ve tried with and without ASIO guard, am currently running on a 128 sample buffer on PT HDX hardware…

If you do not need it you can turn off the snap to transient detection in the prefs.
I found Nuendo unusable with it turned on in large projects and quite snappy without it.


I 'm a long time Pro tool user and I’m currently testing Nuendo for ADR. I experienced the same lag using nuendo.

Is it possible to know exactly where to find the snap to transient detection preference?

Thank you

Preferences/Editing/Audio/-Enable automatic hotpoint detection

Enable automatic hotpoint detection was already disabled, thank you. I really like the Nuendo ADR features but I guess Nuendo doesn’t match really well with the HDX and Avid interface. The overall editing responsiveness is way to slow.

How did you get your project into Nuendo?

I ask because I’ve had issues as you’ve described after importing PT OMFs with lots of rendered fades and crossfades.

I’ve dealt with it in various ways-- getting rid of obviously unnecessary files and getting rid of the little “sample accurate fade” files is one, but takes a lot of time and energy. I’ve also had some luck doing a project archive of the one imported directly from the OMF and working from it. Don’t know why, but things got snappier.

Good luck,


How did you get your project into Nuendo?

I just imported the guide track from the video movie and start a session from scratch with the guide track and movie.

Thank you