Overall how do you like your Steinberg MR816 CSX

I’m getting a new daw built and currently use a Emu 1820m PCI soundcard. I’m thinking that I’ll need to update this soon and want to get some thoughts on the Steinberg interface. I can’t afford an RME so this looks like the best alternative for near zero latency. Please let me know how this works for you. I should mention that I have a Steiny Midex and I’m not interested in hearing about Steiny’s history with hardware at all or personal grudges. Thanks

Overall, I love the interface. The quality of the pres (for the price point) are second to none. Having said that, it lacks MIDI connections (although your Midex would take care of that I assume). Some people feel there are some “control” limitations of the master volume on each channel, but I work around that via CuBase. Also, you may have read all about the lack of direct monitoring when daisy-chaining 2 or more via firewire. You’ll read thoughts from both sides on this and again, it’s not a major concern for me as it is for some others.
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I’ve used the MR816 CSX for quite some time now (a year maybe) and it’s awesome. Mostly on Windows 7, but also on Windows 8 Developer Preview/RTM (and I’ve just today installed a setup on a retail version of W8) with no problems. I also use the Midex 8 (only using a single unit at the moment) which fits well. :slight_smile:

Steinberg on W8

I don’t have the CSX, but I have had the X for about two years. It was picky as hell to get set up (be sure to use FireWire card with Texas Instruments chipset, and take note of a little utility called ysfw which is quietly buried in the install disc but can be a lifesaver!) but once going, it has been rock solid, integrates beautifully with Cubase, and sounds fantastic.

Very happy overall. Best interface under a grand was my goal, and I believe I found it.


I love mine (I have 2 MR816s hooked up to a RME Digiface)!

I’ve two and a UR 824 and they all work well.

The main PIA for me is the lack of automatic sample rate changing when using in slave mode.


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" love your forum picture - there’s no other!"

Thats me from a shoot 20 years ago.

My CSX is flawless. Installing was a breeze. Beautiful interface.


“Thats me from a shoot 20 years ago.”

That is a fabulous picture with a very nice guitar. Hope you’re still playing it!
You should post some of your playing.

I really love my CSX WHEN IT’S WORKING :imp: , I was using a MOTU 2408 previously but the CSX is so much cleaner sounding with far more clarity.

I have tried everything . . . I have an onboard texas instruments FW port, I bought a specific TI FW PCI card, I have used DPC Latency checker and turned practically everything I can on and off in device manager, but I still get the “work for an hour then drop outs start” . . . then they disappear again and it works fine for another spell, and then the dropouts start again.

I really love the sound of this interface, but I never had any of these problems with the 2408.

Seems to me, that something is interfering with the firewire card. I use a PCIe TI Belkin Card… Its absolutely trouble free… I would recommend getting yourself one of these…Faster as well… Other than that, clean up your p.c, and optimize your computer for audio recording… All of this makes a difference…