Overall Loudness Measurement

In the past normally after I did a Cubase mixdown of a project I would use the wave stats plug-in in Audacity to measure the overall loudness. Now however after I upgraded to Catalina the plug-in is no longer available. Does anyone know of a plug-in that would perform a similar function? Here is an example of the output of the plug-in:

Is there a specific reason, why you don’ t use the Cubase included statistics…?

Here are the ones i am trying, all but youlean have dynamic range as well as loudness:

The free version Youlean Loudness Meter - Free VST, AU and AAX plugin
This is in the Melda bundle on next line down it has: MLoudnessAnalyzer | MeldaProduction
The free Melda bundle for line above bunch of handy things I recommend the paid upgrade: MFreeFXBundle | MeldaProduction

And this one also has a very intense dynamic display & a faders up function which seems a little odd asking to put all faders a 0dB position and leave them there, but dont have to use the function it also seems a little CPU hogish so far, just slow, but display is really instructive of dymanics: Klangfreund - Multimeter

And this gives you mid/side monitors bx_meter - Brainworx

I am trying out - putting a Grp METRICS group channel with these inserted till I know what and how they work so I can route any or all channels to it as needed in direct routing - I will see how that works out

and for a bit more $$

You’re right. The Cubase Statistics function gives me everything I need to know. Thanks for your help.