Overclocking i7 7700K

So I’m about to put the trigger on a pro-audio build. On the processor page, there’s an option to have the i7 7700K overclocked…plus the person helping me with the build recommended it, saying it was safe and noticeably improves performance.

I’m very untechincal, and have never really ‘gone there’ with overclocking…would this mean the CPU would get hotter and have a shorter life in the long run? Would the build need more cooling etc?

Also, if you do overclock, have you noticed much difference in Cubase?


I’m not a computer expert so I won’t comment on your question but… be aware of the concern listed in the attached link before purchasing.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks! I gave the thread a read, but I think it more applies to processors that have lots of cores. The i7 7700K has just four, so hopefully that wouldn’t have those problems.

I went from an i2600k and 8gb ram to i7700k overclocked to near 4.8gHz with 32gb of 3600ddr4 ram both. used the i100h water cooler with a 2 fan radiator… my temps have not seen 30degrees C. I rarely shut the computer off since its build in mid February 2017. I can’t use the new computer for audio only but my Cubase performance never was bad. Now it is equally good and much faster. Using all 960 Pro SSD in two slots and other Ssds in Sata 6 slots with 1 3tb Western Digital black caviar. Boots in 8-10 seconds and tweeked the ram with XMP on mobo but ASUS TUF Z270 mark 1 has easy auto tweek commands. I’d love to be more technical but then, I like to be equally more musical :wink:

I’m also now using the thunderbolt connectivity option to the RME audio interface which operates as smooth as can be… I am surely not disappointed and should have updated sooner but it wasn’t available until recently. Quite pleased and those Nanoxia desktop cases are SUPER QUIET. My son assembled It all and tested the crap out of it. Passmark puts its entire operation At 99% globally. Never had any real issues with Cubase and 9.02.0 runs nicely. All works so good I had to add gigabit fios internet running at up to 940 g and uploads around 960g…porn streams in quickly ^_ ^