Overdubbing audio (automatic monitoring toggle)

The following should be very easy to do - but I have tried but failed (I am on Cubase 9 on a Mac Book with El Capitan).

I want to record audio (guitar) to a single track and overdub it using a loop.

I want Cubase to play a few bars of that track (pre roll) then switch into record mode (punch in) then punch out, jump back, play the preroll again and punch in again, and so on.

I need the monitoring (orange button) of the track switched off during the pre-roll but switched on during the recording.

I tried to set the locators to include the pre-roll and then the punch in and out points for the area I want to record. But if I hit record Cubase immediately jumps to the punch in rather than start at the left locator.

I can manually put the cursor on the left locator and press play - then Cubase switches to record at the punch in point. But I would like to have it jump to the left locator regardless of where my cursor is; also this is still no solution for automatic toggling of monitoring.

I tried Youtube but did not find a helpful tutorial - if there is one, I’d appreciate a hint!

Thanks in advance for your help!



In Cubase Pro, you can decouple Left/Right Locators and Punch In/Out markers. Then you can set your loop by the Locators and the Punch In/Out points independently.

Regarding the Monitor behavior, you can change the settings in the Preferences > VST > Auto Monitoring. To your scenario, I would recommend “While Recording” option.