Overdubbing Note Expression Data


I am new to Cubase, recently switching over from Protools. In Protools there is a function when working with MIDI files where you can record over a CC lane while keeping the rest of the MIDI information intact. I’ve been trying to do this in Cubase 11 using the “note expression overdubbing” option but this only seems to write over the old CC events when I am actually moving the fader. When I leave the fader stationary , it does not replace over the old events. How can I completely record over the old CC information from a take in Cubase 11? I’ve tried accomplishing this with two different MIDI controllers I have and so I don’t think it is a controller issue. I’m hoping its an easy fix that I just can’t figure out. Thank you!

Thank you

You can record or replace note expression data for existing notes by overdubbing.
Deselect all notes in the event display before you start overdubbing. This ensures that you record control change messages for all notes touched by the position cursor.
In the Inspector, open the Note Expression section, and activate Overdub.
Use the mapped controls on your MIDI device to record note expression data for the note that is playing.
Only note expression data is recorded.
After Completing This Task
Deactivate Overdub when you are done.

Hi Draghe,

Thanks for the response, I’ve done what you suggested. The overdubbing works when I am moving the fader on my MIDI controller, but once I stop moving the controller, the old expression information stays. So for example if I have moved my fader down to a CC value of 50 but the previously existing CC value was 100 at that position, once I take my finger off the fader the overdubbing stops and the CC value jumps back 100 and is not overdubbed until I begin to move the fader again.


Do I understand you right, you are asking for the similarity to the Automation Modes (Touch, Latch), right?

On automation track button choose remove all automation.