Overhaul the Design/Functionality of all Cubase Menus!

Please, if something needs to be revamped it’s the Media Bay, Preset Menus, Configuration Menus, Setting Menus, Patch Browsers, etc. Talk about confusing. Doesn’t match everything else that’s ultra-modern. Personally, I can’t even really trust saving patches to them. Searching is a nightmare too…

Everythings fine. Do your homework. Get a notebook, take a day or two to go through everything and take notes, familiarize yourself, do some organizing. MediaBay is something you have to invest time in customizing and setting up for yourself.

Learn where everything is so the rest of us don’t have to re-learn everything over again.

As much as I appreciate your comment, and I do. I can make a suggestion after 22 years of owning an application.

I’ve maybe been using it for a bit shy of that and mostly avoided MediaBay and didn’t understand or comprehend its purpose for more than half that time until I sat down with a notepad, researched, experimented, tweaked, organized, re-thought my production process, etc. It took Months of refinement.

Sure, there’s a couple bugs and slight tweaks, but I wouldn’t consider an overhaul, I know I don’t only speak for myself when I say that I’m getting pretty tired of having to re-learn a program I’ve known for so long because of major GUI and design changes. Granted, some changes have been great, but for many - not changing - is more beneficial than changing. It’s why protools is the industry standard (which is why I hate protools).

This is a bit helpful

Cool, thanks for the link. Appreciated^