Overlap diagonals obscure waveforms

I’m finding that the display of overlaps as diagonal hatching is obscuring the waveform to such an extent that it is making editing in the project window something of an educated guess.

The new linking function of tracks within folders (big thumbs up btw!) seems to demand event trimming in the project window but I have to open the lanes to do this to avoid the hatching obscuring what I’m doing.

This compromises the advances made in being able to edit at folder or lanes-off level, but at the same time it is certainly very handy to be able to see the overlaps clearly.

I can’t see anywhere in the prefs to change the appearance of overlaps (just when they appear) but I think I would prefer to see them in a complementary colour, or mark them in some other way that leaves the waveform clear, such as a highlighted border.

Unless I’ve missed something…