Overlapping for Vocal Mixing

Hey again, I’ve been editing a new track (first time using cubase for vocals) and I am splitting up different takes (not using lanes though) and I want to just slightly overlap the edges of the different sections so it blends (as it did in previous programs I edited in) but Cubase mutes a section when another one begins ontop of it, making things sound messy and sliced up. Is there a way I could disable this so i can have multiple takes, slightly overlapping into each other, all on one track without the ‘play only one at a time’ function? thanks

do you want to do a crossfade so the transition is flawless or hear both tracks completely … you can select both tracks and press “X” when there’re overlaping … it will create a crossfade and then you can double click on the crossfade to adjust it if you want both files to play completely. there’s also an autocrossfade option on the left panel of a track in the multitrack window. There’s also a option in the preferences on how the tracks react when tracks are overlapping but I’m not sure were it is since I’m not on my pc right now. Hope it helps!

Also, if you want two sections to play simultaneously you will need to use two tracks as a track can only have one part playing at any one time. (unless a crossfade is suitable)

Yes cross fading is exactly what i needed! thanks!! :slight_smile: