Overlapping MIDI for playback of VST articulations


Is there a way to configure Dorico to allow notes in MIDI to be overlapping (even slightly) to allow triggering of certain VST articulations?

As an example, which I posted about in a different topic, many Guitar VSTs require MIDI overlaps to enable legato playing (slides or hammer-ons/pull-offs).

(See https://www.amplesound.net/en/Ample_Guitar_Manual.pdf, search “4.2.7 Legato Slide (Poly Legato)”, for an example.)

Any tricks for this?


you can create an expression map. There you have the option either for single entries (on the right upper corner) or below for the map in general to define duration. Choose 105% and you will have overlap. I use this in the legato patches for strings in BBCSO.

Brilliant, thank you!