Overlapping midi notes in Cubase 6.5


I’m pretty new to Cubase 6.5, coming from Logic 9 and Ableton. As a previous Ableton user, I’m used to no overlapping midi notes, although that exists in Logic 9, I’d really prefer the way Ableton did this.

Is this possible in Cubase 6.5? I really don’t want any overlapping midi.

I am also wondering if there is any way I can use the duplicate feature in the midi editor (so it copies the time where there IS NO MIDI at all aswell, just as in Ableton)

In arrangeview I’ve figured out that I can use the Range Selection tool, but when editing MIDI it is not possible. Any tips and tricks here or is it possible to make the range selection tool available inside of the midi editor aswell?

Thanks alot!



Previously recorded data and newly recorded midi data will be recorded in two separate midi blocks or ‘regions’.
So if you select both with range tool then go to MIDI>Bounce MIDI it will combine them so there is no overlapping.
Hope this helps? Although there might be a method to disable overlapping :slight_smile: Not too sure on that though.



You can delete overlaps MIDI notes by using MIDI > Functions > Delete Overlaps, in the menu. There are two options – mono, and poly. Check your manual which explain differences.

If you want to glue overlaping regions, you can use Glue tool, or the Bounce MIDI function, which was mentioned. Or you can choose different mode during recording MIDI data. You can find this in the Transport panel, on the left side, unde the Auto Q On/Off. You can choose New Parts, Merge or Replace. Merge is probably the right one for you.

There is no Range Selection tool in the Key Editor. You can you Copy and Paste Time function. You can find the Paste Time in the Edit > Range > Paste Time menu (Ctrl/cmd + Shift + V). This will paste copied material on the place, where is coursor (Playhead) placed.

Thanks, but I seriously hate placing the playhead where I want it to be copied or duplicated to.

Therefore I really like Ableton when editing MIDI. It’s just a matter of selecting the how much u want to duplicate and it duplicates that time so it’s exactly that time + midi information that is copied, hope you get what I mean. The past time is the same as just CTRL+V or CMD+V för me. I really don’t want to be forced to place the playhead where I want it first, then ctrl/cmd+c and ctrl/cmd+v where I want it to be pasted. It feels like a really long process.

If the range selection tool was there, then I would just mark everything I wanted duplicated and then just cmd+d, DONE!

Any other great way of doing this?

oh and yeah,

bounce in place is a great feature in Logic, I cannot seem to find any similar in cubase? only audio mixdown, but then u have to locate the file on the harddrive and then drag it in to the project again, and so forth…

thanks for the replies so far guys!


I try to use the Range Selection tool in the main window, and it works exctly the same, I expect. I made selection (with pause on the end), and duplicate it (by using cmd+D). It made duplication with all pauses before and after the region. Exactly the same, I selected it, and place it after the end of Range selection tool.

In the Key Editor, this doesn’t work, because there is not Range Selection tool. But this is the same in the Ableton Live, if I know, There is no Range Selction tool in the MIDI Editor too. Is it?

Of course, your data will by duplicated with all MIDi events (MIDI CCs).

If you want to make copy more times, you can use Cmd+K (Repeat).

Agree, Bounce In Place is great, in the Logic! There is no same function in the Cubase.

No no, that’s not what I mean. I mean I want to copy the EXACT same amount of bars that I have marked. So for example if I only have a note on the the first bar, and I want to copy it to the third bar, I want to have the gap inbetween with me aswell, which is the second bar, where it doesn’t play anything. Do you get what I mean? I just need to copy the EXACT time that I’ve recorded or painted in the keyeditor/pianoroll. That’s why I wanted to use the range selection tool because it marks the time that isn’t used aswell (where no notes are playing).

I’m sorry, I probably don’t understand, what do you mean exactly.

I tried to make movie of duplication, what I mean. You can watch it here. Can you make your own in Ableton Live (if it works here, how do you expect), what you want to do, in Cubase, please?

That’s exactly how I mean! but INSIDE of the keyeditor instead of having to go back into the arrangeview, like this in Ableton:


As I wrote, this is not possible in the Key Editor. But you can use this in the In-Place editor. It looks very similar, like Key Editor.

You just saved me some typing, Martin :smiley: )

just found out about the inplace editor, lol! cool as hell!

One question though: when do I really need to use the key editor? I mean the inplace editor seems to do it all? or am I wrong? what do you guys personally use?