Overlay MIDI & audio editing?

Hi all,
again, a quick question: Is it possible (and if: On which page in the manual? :wink: ) to overlay audio & MIDI editing in order to align, let’s say, MIDI drums and an audio bass track visually?


In Place Editor

thx man!
However: I knew about the In-Place editor, and it’s a really handy tool, but I don’t think it’s doing what I want. I’m looking to actually superimpose two editors on top of each other, kinda like editing several tracks at once with Vari-Audio 2.0.
Maybe I’m not clear in what I want, but I don’t know how to say it better. Like being able to see drum hits and bass accents right on top of another…


as far as I know, this is not possible; you can’t stack editors on each other;
however you can select two parallel parts and open hem together, making them “shade” eachother;
you can them scroll over the name, in the left upper corner of the editor screen, to switch view :slight_smile:

that’s what I’m looking for! Can you give me a hint as on how to do this for a MIDI and an audio part?
EDIT: To clarify: I’m looking for the “open it together”-part…


I use a three techniques for lining up midi with audio:

First, aforementioned, In Place Editor. Very handy, but not always that easy to use I find.

Second is ‘snap to cursor’ where I use the project window to line the cursor up with the audio, then in the midi editor I snap the note to the cursor. Good for the odd hit in a film or video sound track but not so good for loads of hits.

Third is to use Warp Time to change the project tempo to fit the audio you wish to align to. Then I’d use quantise in the midi editor to make the midi follow the audio. Works a treat, and saves me playing my midi in time as well :slight_smile:

As for editing two things in one editor, I thought this was only for midi, not audio… I’d definitely welcome a split panel editor, or an overlayed/mixed audio/midi editor. +1 please Steinberg.


transparent events used to help with this … however :{