Overlaying text ADR

I have just upgraded to N6 and the ADR function looks really good!

I’ve loaded a test project and noticed that a line can not have more than about a 100 characters. If it is the whole line won’t be visible.

Is there a way of resizing the text so the complete line will be visible? I can’t seem to find it…


Longer lines need smaller fonts, shorter lines need bigger fonts.
So, even if some changes are made, within the same session, mixed long and short phrases will still bring their specific problems.
No matter which limit is set (or not set), it will always be inconvenient for someone, in some project.


Being able to see all text for all types of lines is important to our workflow. Shall I take your answer that there’s no plan in changing the character limit or being able to change the font size yourself?


AFAIK there are no plans to change the current implemenatation.
The only solution is to implement scrolling text, within context of the position in the timeline.
Which AFAIK is on the list… but don’t know how high …


Hi Matthias, please could you send us a project or csv file containing
the defined takes so that we can see what an average text length
for a take in your situation is ? Thanks in advance, cheers, Tino

Mathias, thank you for sending a csv take list ! If other studios run in such a situation that takes are
longer than the current text line display´d in the video overlay please send us a csv file containing the
dialogue so that we can see what take- & text length you need to deal with. Thank`s. cheers, Tino

A line of ADR should never be beyond where a natural pause would sit. It’s too much to ask of the actor, to read ahead and to nail it. It is generally easier on the actor to cue it with a large amount of cues and amalgamate the cues if the talent requires. I’m really interested in working with this new tool.

We have a different approach, here. Usually , our well-prepared voice actors can recite quite a lenght of dialog.
With the possibility of automatically correcting words or phrases to be lip sync we occasionally do over 200 characters.

Scrolling text seems a nice idea … Don’t set the character limit too low. I’d say 250, at least.
That is just a little over 2 lines (font size 10, Arial ) 500 would be even better, because sometimes there are notes for the speaker implemented, which make it even longer.

Big K

200 characters on a 34" screen will look totaly different on a big projected screen.
There’s simply no way to get it right for everybody.