Override playing techniques from playback templates

Sometimes sample libraries have more articulation options and/or notation practices do not reflect what an instrumentalist would play.
A way to override the articulation provided by the playback template would be great.

Is there already a way to do this?

Yes. You can edit/create your own Expression Maps to suit your sample libraries’ capabilities.

Yes, but once assigned by the template you can’t further edit the articulation used. That’s why I am asking for an override of the template.

of course you can. Furthermore you can create your own templates and play around with them as much as you like.

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Sorry, maybe I am not being clear enough.
Once ‘Long’ is assigned to a passage I would like to use different kind of longs, with attack, soft attack etc. (Without the need to writing and hiding them)
Or to a staccato line assign some other short articulations to give the phrase variety.
This could be done by overriding the articulation assigned by the playback template in the Key Editor and/or in the new Midi Trigger regions.
Hope this makes sense.

You need to create expression map entries for all your varieties of long/short and equivalent playing techniques to trigger them. Playing techniques can be hidden in the score, if needed.

Thanks Janus but I already know that, I have made some Playback Templates myself.
I am asking for a quicker and user friendly way to assign and override articulations in the Key editor independently from the score. Think of Studio One Sound Variations in the section of the Dorico Key Editor that shows which articulation is being played.