Overriden clef: How to spot them?

I have an imported XML where I had some problems with clefs that were different from the defaults.
(Euphoniums in Bb had their starting clef overridden with a bass clef instead of a treble clef.)
Not being aware of the problem initially, I tried to re-assign the instrument, but that did not change anything. After some back and forth I selected the first clef on the staff and deleted it - thus restoring the default clef. Happy times! :slight_smile:

Now, it would be great if there were some visual hint that a clef at the beginning of a flow is deviating from the default to help spot them.
(I have hints for clefs active, but no signpost is visible anywhere regarding this topic.)


If one clicks on a clef and all the others light up (blue) then it is not a clef override. Same for time signatures.

EDIT: Okay, they light up orange.

Eh what, Derrek?

Estigy, probably best bet is marquee select the start of the first system in the score and see if any of the clefs get highlighted (orange). If they do, they’re explicit.

Hi, pianoleo.

That’s exactly what I was doingn right now - and all but about 5 from 25 players had overrides on them. :man_shrugging:

It doesn’t really matter whether there are 20 or 200. These steps will work either way:

  1. Use System Track to select first bar
  2. J > Filter Clefs Enter
  3. Delete

Derrek is right. Overrides on the clefs or key signatures are visible when you click on them and the others do not light up blue. But your solution is very much more efficient :wink:

Am I going mad? Blue = linked/grouped. What’s a linked/grouped clef?

Well, that’s odd that you never noticed that blue thing, because it has always behaved like that… Explicit clefs are selectable (and turn blue), and “linked” key signatures turn blue too, so you can see which instruments are not part of that link (I think you’re absolutely right about the link thing)… Again, it doesn’t matter, your workflow is much more efficient!

Explicit clefs are orange. Try making one and select it. It’s orange.
And under what circumstance would clefs be linked, meaning that if you selected one, others lit up? They only ever apply to one stave, no?

It’s been a very tiring few days, so there’s a high chance that I really am missing something very obvious.

Yes, orange, you’re right ^^ as any other selection. My bad. Yet, the blue thing applies to key signatures. I often had to clean up xml files with key signatures applied in wrong places. When they’re all blue, it means I’ve deleted all local (bad) key signatures! Sorry for the noise :wink:
My second daughter was born on Sunday, I think I could use some sleep :rofl:


And there isn’t any situation in which selecting a clef would highlight any other clef, in any colour, right?

(And congratulations to all of you!)

Nope. Selectable means explicit, that’s all. Implicit clefs are… Black, no matter what!

I knew explicit clefs would light up. I wasn’t sure of the color, so I put blue in parentheses. Sorry to cause all this trouble.