Overriding automatic player numbering

Hello, I am typesetting for a composer who us using three Clarinet parts in a non-standard way.

  1. Is there any way I can avoid the 1st Clarinet player to be given a number based on each transposition? I have tried renaming the player but this change is not reflected on the score page.
  2. As a result of the problem above, the second and third Clarinets are mistakenly numbered as 3 and 4.
    I don’t wish to deactivate the automatic numbering as it is useful and correct in all the other instruments (this is an orchestral piece), but I was wondering if anyone had some experience with this.

Hi Glynn, see this option which was made for this situation:

There’s also this page that explains the different names that can be associated with players, that might be helpful for your understanding of why renaming the players didn’t impact the staff labels.

Thank you Lillie, very speedy and resolved in one click. Quite remarkable!
This brings me to my next question. Referring to the new screenshot above, there are times in different flows where the composer uses Clarinet Bb I, Clarinet Bb III and Bass Clarinet. Naturally her would like them in that order , i.e. the Bass Cl under the other two in the score. I have read that we can’t change the Player order between flows - is that still the case?
Would my leading option therefore be changing the order one flow at a time (luckily there are only four flows) and making a separate pdf of each score?

You can’t change the order of instruments independently of their players, no.

Depending on how much you’re utilising the instrument change feature, you could instead give each clarinet instrument to a separate player, and collate the relevant pairs of players into a single part, handling any instrument change labels manually using text items.

If this project doesn’t involve instrument changes within flows, i.e. the player will play one instrument for a whole flow, and only switch to e.g. Bass Clarinet in the next flow, then that could be a neat solution.

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Thanks Lillie, yes I agree but unfortunately there are also changes within the flows themselves.
Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: