Overview Line

Apologies if this has been covered before… I find the overview line quite useful for quick navigation however I have failed to find a way to re-scale the view in the viewing strip. I have a project for instance that is about 4 mins long but the viewing strip is showing probably 3 hours or so which makes it quite tricky to use when the section containing the actual parts of eth project only occupies a small bit of the strip on the left side! I presume some information has found its way to a point at say 3 hours in but I can’t find anything there?? Is there a way to set the project length that will scale the overview line appropriately? Setting the length in project setup doesn’t seem to do the trick. Cheers guys for any help.

Project setup.
Set the length of the project to something more usable.

Hi Peakae. Thanks for the response. I tried that and it didn’t make any difference to what was shown in the overview line. The particular project I’m working on is about 4:30, the project length was set to 3:30, but the overview line was expended to at least 4 hours!