Overview of available VST's, VSTi's and effects per Cubase version (also older versions)

I made hundreds of projects over the last decade in different Cubase versions (starting at Cubase 4 or 5, up to 10.5).
Because I didn’t add the used Cubase version to each project, opening such a project now often leads to error messages about missing plugins (VST’s, VSTi’s, effects). I would be very handy if there was a way to be able to look up (before opening a project) which VST’s, VSTi’s and effects were/are available per Cubase version. Does anyone know of such a list?
If Steinberg staff are reading this, could you please respond? I suppose such lists per Cubase version are already available for internal use, so perhaps a simple merging in an Excel sheet could make it possible to publish?
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I’m not aware of such a list, at least publicly available, but I don’t think that there are a lot of things that have been removed, since C4.

Beside this, maybe these could help, at least partially : VST Classics

EDIT - There are also several other ones in the Unsupported products category of this page.