Own VST instruments and Behringer XR18

I used Cubase for a long time in the studio. That’s where I came across the app and did a little bit of what was not bad for the road.
I want to record a tape live as a soundcard Do we use a Berhinger X18 is it possible to use such a soundcard in connection with Cubasis?

I do not necessarily want to buy the plugins that are offered in the store this is again a difference to what I use on the PC. Is there a way to use your own VST plugins?

Hi cool20,

Thanks for your message.

Since we’re not equipped with the Behringers X18 device, I’d suggest to get in touch with them to check for iOS and/or Cubasis compatibility.

To learn more about how to quickly route audio channels to hardware devices, please have a look at our available tutorial (at 1:45 minutes): https://youtu.be/j8t48FZSX60

Alongside the offered in-app purchases, Cubasis supports Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus 3 to load third party instruments and or effects apps.
There is no option to use VST plug-ins within the app.

Hope that helps.


So I tested it with the XR18 It works without problems.

One question, how do I delete the recordings that were not taken? I can only delete the trace

Great to hear, thanks for the update!

You’re able to delete tracks via the erase button.
Erased files are located in Media/Trash.

The trash directory provides you with commands to empty the bin and/or restore or delete individual files.