Owners of NEK not allowed to post in the Cubase Forum?

I use Nuendo 100% for music production.

But there is some truth in the point that there might be more Cubase-music users than Nuendo-music users. I purchased Nuendo around 2001 and at this point Nuendo was something completely new and different to Cubase - audio-related.

Today I would most likely be fine with just a Cubase licence. No need for Schneck and way cheaper.

I think Nuendo+NEK users should be allowed to post over there at the Cubase board - there are WAY more music users then here I would say. This would just make sence.

As I said.

It just seems logical and obvious that when you have a feature that is named Cubase Music Tools, the sensible place to discuss it would be the forum that deals exclusively with Cubase.

Please understand that I am not running the show around here. The way the forums are organised has been discussed in great length with all of the concerned people. Everybody had a list of concerns, thoughts, arguments, possible issues, preferences, etc … In the end, the decision has been made to set up the fourms as they are now. So, please don’t shoot at me. Maybe some things will be reviewed after the first evaluation period.


Fredo, I don’;t think that anyone is metaphorically trying to shoot you. We are all just trying to get a point across to Steinberg, in the hope that with their new professed propensity for listening to their customers, something will be done to accommodate our wishes.


Same here. Nuendo.com at times was littered with tumbleweeds. Cubase.net, even though there was a little less signal to noise, a lot of users contributed. Steinberg told us this is still a user helping user forum. Cubase music tools aka NEK should grant at the very least people with that license the ability to post in the cubase forums.

It would be different if this was an official Nuendo support forum or if there were a slew of Nuendo users here to get help from. Neither is the case so there is no good reason to limit NEK users from posting in the Cubase section of the site. If there is a good reason, I would like to hear it.

To be honest, I think it is rather nonsensical that we have to argue a case on this.

Extra: I am a PT user, not PT HD but I can post topics in Avid’s PT HD forum.



Which is silly.
Cubase is Nuendo Lite as we all know already. Same Audio engine, the only differences between the 2 are the leapfrogged things like plugins and certain things that will end up in Nuendo anyway.
So we have something to offer - and if Nuendo users want to assist cubase users this should be okay given we run the flagship.
It’s like saying a PT TDM user cannot contribute to a PTLE discussion.

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It does seem somewhat at cross purposes to the general hierarchy of the tiers of our esteemed software to deny NEK owners access to the Cubase forum (disclaimer: I have both, so it doesn’t really matter to me, personally). I don’t see the advantage of separation.

On the other hand, I would be hugely grateful, through the lens of however much time I spend on the forum, to be able to avoid and ignore the flame wars and Asperger’s-like headbanging that goes over there in the Cubase area all the time, and just log directly onto the Nuendo forum, as in the (good?) old days.

I know it’s my problem; sometimes just can’t help rubbernecking. But still… here’s to the possibility of getting this effing bb fixed, login-wise! I want to come straight here without extra clicks and waiting, and get out, and not have to go through the whole routine again a couple of hours later!


I never actually got the reason behind the Post and Music separation for Nuendo. At least we got NEK and not a total separation from the music tools (thank god…). But why are they not giving us access to the Cubase community if we own Cubase Music Tools? I just do not get it… :cry:

+1 here as well

SB is a company witch make the things always to complicated. Cubendo have the same prog code and thos the same problems. Why we should debate same issue twice in different forums? This is very ineffective …

How said Robert Bosch? “Progress is the way from primitive over the complicated to the simple” (hope I have translate correct :unamused: )

In one of my final posts in the old forum I tried to make the same point.
I have no idea how much the average nuendo user uses midi or is knowledgeable in midi, but as others may have said not as I would. I can count on one hand the number of nuendo forum users who posts midi queries or respond to same, whilst the cubase forum has many references to midi stuff…

as time progresses SB is getting better at shooting themselves in the foot…this is but another example.

worse the amount of midi FR that made it from the Nuendo forum into the Feature Request forum there.

Too bad. Would be nice to participate in the Cubase 6 “rumors thread”. Seems like some NAMM infos leaked :slight_smile:

Well but I own Nuendo5… with Cubase Music Tools… ok, why exactly are we not allowed to post in the Cubase forum again…? scratching-head

I just wanted to bump this topic, because we are now in that strange position of not being allowed to discuss or even have an opinion on features that we all know will be incorporated into the next update of Nuendo.

How are we expected to have any input (as SB now says it wants to know our opinions on things) when Cubase always gets the features first and we are not allowed to discuss them with like minded people? Do we always have to accept what we’re given, with no discussion allowed?

To my mind this silly ban on posting in the Cubase forum is much worse than taking away the Mac forum that has upset so many of the Cubase users.




So, no explanation from SB?
Just tell us about your reason why we are being cut off the option to talk to the far bigger user
community regarding Cubase related issues!

Absolutely, I was about to write that. Most people who own Nuendo use it for Post. But if we want to discuss music matters we can’t because we have no access to the Cubase forum.

So any news on this?