Owners of NEK not allowed to post in the Cubase Forum?

Will NEK (aka Cubase Music Tools) users get permission to post in the Cubase forum?
I thought my Nuendo license can open Cubase, why is there no access to the forum?

AFAIK, this will not be possible.

My Nuendo license can open Cubase.

That would surprise me very much. Cubase doesn’t open on a Nuendo license.
It must be that you also have a Cubase license on that same dongle, or that the solar interference on the planet Mars has strange side-effects.


Right… that was the case, not the solar interference. But since NEK users have Cubase features it would make sense. Also if there would be forum access to the Cubase forum…I have been told for years Nuendo is intended for post users so I think NEK users should not start off too much music talk here, right? :wink: Just think it would fit better in the Cubase discussions.


Ya know what is so funny about this? Those sessions “Nuendo Inside”, it appeared the majority of users were doing musit. Crap, if I knew this was a post-only app, I wouldn’t have gotten Nuendo :stuck_out_tongue:

My crystal ball always told me: “Tommy, some things in the world make sense and somethings don’t. The only sense you can make of the things that don’t make sense in knowing they don’t make sense.”

I started a thread about this in the Welcome to Steinberg forum. It seems fairly ridiculous that even though we have paid to be able to use Cubase Music Tools, we are not allowed to post in the Cubase (Music Tools) forum. I’m sure it’s just an oversight on the part of Steinberg, because even they couldn’t be so blind as to think that keeping the NEK users out of the Cubase forum is a good idea. However, SB has made many questionable decisions in the past, so who knows. :unamused:


Totally agree we should be allowed to post over there because there is a much larger knowledge base over there in terms of Cubase features that would really help.

Timo what say you my friend

The main problem is that it would be come the rule to wade through all the Cubase-forum noise just to filter out some usable info. That’s why I was so fond of the very seperated forums of the last decade … :-/

This is true, but unfortunately the level of MIDI knowledge in the Nuendo forum is, er, to say the least, er, limited. :blush:


You may have a point here, Daryl. Still it was less kindergarten then over there. :smiling_imp:

Same here. Though I see some advantage of the new forum idea I am a little sad that THE one and only audio-forum I was partitipating for about 10 years (!!) is closed now.

But back to topic: I have no problems to access the other forums as well - maybe because I have Wavelab and Cubase as well - so, let me ask because I do not understand: If I have only Nuendo on my dongle - I can NOT access the Cubase forum? I used to not surf on Cubase.net but I have to say that there was quite some info though - hardware related Cubase and Nuendo users (when doing just music) are quite the same…

Yes you can. You can access, search and read all you want.
The only thing you can’t do is post.


Ah - ok! Well, but what can I access without having a Steinberg Account? I visited this very forum the first time at a point were I had not activated the forum account. I was able to see and access basically all forums as well as a lot of posts - but after I was registered and logged in there were a lot more posts visible.

Which posts are visible and which not? Completely invisible was the media lounge for example…

AFAIK, all forums and all posts are visible to the outside. So even people without a Steinberg account can read everything. Unless something has changed …


Well, I will check out.

Media Lounge is invisible. All other forums/topics are visible.

So where are questions about Cubase Music Tools supposed to be posted then, if not the Cubase forum?


Cubase Music Tools are part of Nuendo, so they should be posted here.


Isn’t Nuendo mostly used for Post production? These people generally know nothing about MIDI. :wink:

Also it is frustrating to browse the Cubase forum, know the answer to a question and not be able to post it. I know you don’t speak for Steinberg, so I’m hoping that they will see sense and just allow NEK users to be able to post in the Cubase forum about issues and solutions with Cubase Music Tools. After all I think the hint is in the name. :slight_smile:


(Since a few years) Nuendo is mainly aimed at the Post-world, but I think it is safe to say that -at this moment- there are as much users using Nuendo for post as for Music Production.
But there are no hard statistics to support that, so -for everyone-this is speculating. I can only tell you that the number of NEK purchases is substantial.

I really don’t want to get into politics, and I feel that this is the direction this thread is being pushed to.
But let me say this; the only argument you can bring up is that there are more Cubase users than Nuendo users, and therefore you have a better/faster chance to receive feedback on the Cubase forum than on the Nuendo forum.
But IMO, I think it’s insulting to say that most Nuendo members don’t have a clue about working with the Cubase tools.


Fredo, I’m sorry that you feel insulted, but you are a prime example of someone who doesn’t have a clue when it comes to what a composer needs regarding MIDI. In the same way that I don’t have a clue when it comes to the needs of Post Production use.

However, even by your estimate about Music users vs Post users, if only half don’t have the NEK, then by definition they can’t have a clue about Cubase Tools because they don’t have the product. Then taking into account the Music users who don’t do MIDI, I think it’s very clear that whilst it may not be most, it is certainly the majority.

Anyway, this is all getting into semantics. It just seems logical and obvious that when you have a feature that is named Cubase Music Tools, the sensible place to discuss it would be the forum that deals exclusively with Cubase.