Oxford EQ crash

mysterious issue:

offline processing of sonnox oxford eq leads into crash of nuendo 6, when making adjustments of HighCut/LowCut with mouse into eq-graph!
When making adjustments with mouse on the eq-knobs, it works.

No problems at all in N5.5.

Anybody with oxford eq out there who can check this for me?

Native or UAD?
Can check with the UAD version

Hi, thanks a lot, but I’m native here…

…anybody with a native oxford eq, who could try this?

It would be great if you could try it, but please don’t waste too much worthy demo-time for this!

Remember: It’s only crashing here, when applying offline processing, and only when adjusting parameters of the LC and HC with mouse in graphical curve!

Thanks a lot, Bredo!
Strange, that I have those crashes, since they only happen in N6. N5 is running fine (with the same dll’s)…

To the mixer…I like some of, like the meterbridge and the docking channels etc.
But I think the “old” extended area had much more clear visibility, with clear and easy buttons for on/off/bypass, and when you got the overview on all sends or all inserts with just one shortcut that was fast and clear. This clicking, and not having the ability to fire up mixer views via controller drives me nuts, but this is discussed in many other (partly closed) threads.

…And anyway, since I could not open all of my last AAF-Deliverys in N6 correctly, I lost confidence and I’m on PT for my main work atm.

So - you’re trying to change the HC/LC whilst it is actually running the offline process?
Seems an odd thing to try & do…or are you in preview mode?

Isn’t that the normal procedure whenever you want to render (and not automate) a plugin?
I’m selecting an audioevent, then choosing Oxford EQ to process into this event. Making Adjustments to the highest and lowest band while listening the preview (not preview mode in automation or sth like that), then applying enter, …and it crashes.

Sorry, I completely misunderstood you (doh!).
Of course you should be able to adjust in preview mode!

FWIW, it works just fine in the UAD version although of course you have to be absolutely certain the transport is not running or else there is this really weird double playback thing going on…