Oxygen 49 Crashing in Cubasis using synths and Audiobus


I wonder if anyone else is having this problem. I am using an M-Audio Oxygen 49 Midi keyboard controller through the Camera Connection Kit on my iPad 3. When i try and record into Cubasis using Audiobus with Sunrizer or Addictive Synth or Alchemy as an Input and Cubasis as an output, after 1 bar of recording, my Midi Controller stops working and i cant input anything from it. I then to take out the USB connection on the Oxygen 49 and then plug it in again.

I tried different routings but the problem keeps happening. Its not happening when I use the above synths in Audiobus and use Garageband as an Output. Then the Oxygen49 works fine and doesn’t crash.

The second issue is of hanging notes when using Audiobus and Cubasis as an output. Individually all the input synths work fine but the moment i connect them to audiobus and cubasis, then i get hanging notes.

Please help sort this issue out.



did you experience the issue on iOS 6 or on iOS 7?

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