Oxygen 88 as a Generic Remote in Cubase 9.5 problem

Hi there,

Seems like this is an annual thing for me. Day before yesterday I set up the Generic Remote for transport buttons like so many times before and got it working. Now none of them work, even if I import or redo the GR configuration. MIDI is being sent and received from each button, fader and key, however. E.g. “Learn” in GR setup works. Weirdly Axiom 49 1st Gen transport GR setup works.

Wondering if/how you have solved similar issues?


I copied the M-Audio DirectLink file to Cubase 9.5 Components folder and added Oxygen as a device. Now transport controls work, but MIDI does not XD

EDIT/Solution to the initial problem: I removed the Generic Remote device, restarted Cubase and now both MIDI notes and transport work. Perhaps makes sense too, an input shouldn’t send messages to/as two devices.

EDIT: MIDI and DirectLink transport now work for the Oxygen as long as I keep the input All Midi inputs. However, I haven’t figured out how to activate Quick Controls or Mixer controls via Direct Link or Generic Remote.