Oxygen8V2 Midi Remote

M-Audio_Oxygen8V2.midiremote (123.2 KB)

In case you hadn’t figured, I’m going through all the random hardware I have lying around and implementing midi remote scripts for it all. Today it’s the turn of the good old Oxygen8v2 (25 full size keys, 8 CC knobs and transport controls - the perfect desk buddy).

It’s set up to match the factory default settings which you can get reset to by holding + and - during power on.

The tricky part was the transport controls, as they only send a value when they’re pressed - not when they’re released. There’s therefore a little clever scripting in the back end so that the Stop button also stop rewinds and forwards.

Control knobs are mapped to focused Quick Controls 1-8 (from left - right. Ignore the numbering on the device cause it’s stupid).

The box left of centre is the sustain pedal, which is unmapped incase you want to use it for its original purpose, or you could map it to punch in or something…

Feedback welcome.

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You are a star! I have tried developing a midi script for my Oxygen 8 V2 with poor results so was delighted to see that you had done this…brilliant - thank you so much.
Midi Remote Manager to be read as my external keyboard?
I you would kindly offer step by step process of what to do once the
M-Audio_Oxygen8V2.midiremote file has been downloaded that would be much appreciated
Thanking you in advance

Open Studio->Midi Remote Manager

Select “import Script” from the top bar of the window.

Select the midiremote file.

Plugin Keyboard.


If it doesn’t just appear, and start working when you plug in the device it may be be because the Midi port names are wrong. Check what ports your device appears on, and let me know. The way midiremote handles this is quite clunky. It looks for ports called “USB Oxygen 8 v2”,and if your device appears under a different name it just won’t be recognised. It’s easy to add more names if a different system names them differently.

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Thank you, Great Work!!