Ozone 10 crashes Wavelab 11

Hiya. My Wavelab 11 has been working great until I started using Ozone 10. When using master assistant on Ozone, WL crashes about 50% of times trying to use it. Anyone have the same issue and is there anything to solve this.

I have the same issue and would be happy about a solution (Macbook M1 Pro)

One big step would be writing to iZotope and asking them to qualify WaveLab 11 as a supported host for their plugins:

Thx for reply. I haven´t seen this before. Well it works fine except master assistant part of the plugin. Everything else from Izotope works also without any problems.

Right. Unsupported doesn’t mean it won’t work. I use the Maximizer module of Ozone 10 Advanced quite often without issue.

The main point is that typically, the fix for an issue like this needs to come from the plugin developer and they do not seem interested in officially supporting WaveLab any longer.

Maybe if enough WaveLab users message them about it…

Yep. I will message them. But isn´t that quite strange mastering plugin Ozone doesn´t support mastering software Wavelab? There´s not many programs like WL which is concentrated on mastering. On Cubase it works great, both Steinberg softwares

Are you also on Mac M1?
If so, using Wavelab in Native or Rosetta?

Nope. Windows 10.

Good to know. Problem is happening in both MAC and PC versions.
It has something to do with the apps hosting the program, it seems, since the problem doesn’t happen in, well, at least Cubase. Or maybe Ozone 10 is causing such a high demand that only a robust multi-track program that’s been developed over 30 + years can handle… or something.

The problem happens for me when I’ve loaded the AU version of Ozone 10 in an app called Soundsource, which runs in the background and allows you to adjust your system sound with AU plugins. Soundsource crashes and needs to be restarted.

Same exact issue. Crashes every time I use Master Assistance. Win 11 Pro, WL Pro 11

Unfortunately, posting here won’t do much, but asking iZotope to test their plugins and officially support WaveLab might produce a result.

thanks Justin. I’ll call them Monday.

Unfortunately, iZotope stopping qualifying and listing WaveLab as a supported host for their plugins. (See attached).

That’s not to say that none of them work in WaveLab. I use a few of the Ozone 10 Advanced modules in WaveLab without an issue, but it looks like some of their modules and settings could cause WaveLab to crash which is something that only really iZotope can fix if they wish to.

Not sure who is to blame, but not cool that Wavelab and Ozone can’t seem to play nice together… hopefully this will be resolved soon…
Kinda ridiculous…. Ozone is Izotope’s
mastering software, and they only qualify it for mixing daws?? Sigh…

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And they got rid of the standalone version of Ozone as of version 10. Not that it was a great place to master an EP or album but it’s an odd choice. Some strange decisions have been made at iZotope lately and they recently merged with another company so I would say it’s a slightly turbulent time over there.

I do agree that it would make sense for them to test/support/qualify their plugins for perhaps the most widely used cross-platform mastering focused DAW.

It kind of ties into the overarching theme that plugin companies have been selling in that mastering is just stereo-bus processing, rather than all the things we as mastering engineers do everyday, which is why we use something like WaveLab as a vehicle to get the job done, and not Cubase, or Pro Tools, or Logic Pro.