Ozone 6 and Cubase 8

There must be some incompatibility between C8 and Ozone.
When I worked on C6 and Ozone 6 (the latest update), everything was perfect and rock- solid.
In C8, when Ozone 6 window is active, there is a very slow reaction of Cubase. Have to wait for scroling, zooming and project cursor “jumps”. If I close Ozone window- everything goes back to normal (Ozone itself is still active- only its window off)
Any suggestions? Need for better graphic?

I can’t offer a solution, but I’m using C8 with the latest Ozone 6 update here without the problems you mention, so perhaps it could be a graphics problem you are experiencing.

Do you have Ozone 5 installed too? If so do you get the same behaviour using the older plugin? That might help troubleshoot if it is a problem related solely to Ozone 6.

Same problem here

Sounds like it may be worth emailing Izotope support to see if they are aware of an issue…

ps: have you tried playing around with the Graphics and frame rate settings in Options/General ?

Just tried Ozone 5. With full set of modules, including IRC III, works smoothly.
OK. Posting the problem to Isothope is a good idea.
But anyway- C8 containing some good sets of new features (this is why I decided to upgrade from 6), still needs a goof deal of workout by Steinberg. We’ve paid them for being able to test their beta version…

I have seen this exact behavior with other plugins, too.

If I can remember which ones, or find out, I’ll update my post.

This is beginning to confirm a suspicion that there is a serious issue related to graphics and graphics resources in Cubase. Or perhaps a plugin development framework issue.

Perhaps this is even related to the “large projects, plugin GUIs don’t open” issue, of which, Izotope is one of the offenders that I have noticed (Waves and Softube being the other two). This could be related, or just a coincidence.

Bottom line: there sure seems to be a lot of overlapping issues related to 3rd party plugin GUIs and various graphics cards with Cubase 7+ that manifest as, crashes, slow-downs, frame-rate choppiness and UIs not opening or opening with blank, white areas.

I wonder if the new Ozone 6 is using OpenGL for any of its graphics. If so, it could be a common denominator.

My ozone plugin behaves - but what have you got the frame rate limiter set to in Ozone? perhaps you could try dropping it to match the project frame rate? (does that even have an effect for audio only projects?)

Click the Ozone option cog and see what it’s set to.

Well, there is still much to learn… being an artist I’ve never paid any attention to such vulgar words like frame rates :wink:
Aren’t they should match each other? Both in Cubase and Ozone?
By the way, since C6 (if I remember well) there is a very practical feature like “Activate Audio Power Scheme”.
Knowing there are lot of problems with graphic compatibility, perhaps another similar feature just for graphics would be a good idea. Something like: “Optimize System Graphic”. Or even suggest: “Graphic incorrect! Through away your present card and buy a decent one” :wink: