Ozone 9 and Tonal Balance crash in Cubase 10.5

Hi there,
I’m experiencing constant crashes with iZotope’s Ozone 9 and Tonal Balance when loaded together in Cubase 10.5. Same in Nuendo 10.3 I tried in different DAWs and they work fine there. Did anyone experience something similar or have any suggestion? I already trashed the user preferences and reinstalled the plugin but nothing changed.

Hi - which version of Cubase 10.5 are you on? Did you analyze the crash logs from cubase to confirm it was Izotope’s that caused crashes? I have not had any troubles with any of the versions of Cubase 10.5 with any of the iZotope’s. You can ask for help to analyze the crash logs in this forum. It is really a bummer you are having those problems.

Have you looked at the audio performance meter ?
is it because the system has run out of legs ?
is it possible to list your system ?
I’ve had crashes in the past with third party plug ins but that’s because my system couldn’t handle the load i was putting on it.
I’ve just done another install and that wasn’t happy until i turned off the hyperthreading,turbo boost and c-states

I have Ozone9 and it runs just fine together with Tonebalance2, use it a lot.

All good here, too. Have you left Ozone decide it’s own latency (which is 1028 I believe), or have you reset this to a lower number? I keep it at the stock values. Ozone uses a fair amount of CPU so I could see where - if you changed it’s stock setting - you might be taxing things.

it appears to be a gui issue. empty project. load ozone 9 and tonal balance 2. open both guis - dead cubase (or nuendo).