Ozone dynamic eq crashes Nuendo 10

I’m trying to use Ozone dynamic eq as an offline process. Hitting play in the DOP window causes Nuendo to crash every single time. Anyone have this problem? Plugin is up-to-date. Crash log attached.

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Nuendo 10_2019-05-22-143622_TSP-MacPro-2.crash (266 KB)

I haven’t been able to replicate this issue…tested on Win10 and Mojave with latest Ozone 8 Advanced

Hi The Sound Post,
are you sitting on version 8.02 of Ozone 8? If so, test it also in 8.01. If that issue disappears, then it’s the same issue I’ve had with Ozone 8 and I already reported that to iZotope (they don’t seem to be dealing with it much, looks like low prio to them) and to Steinberg (they turned me down with a recommendation to update my GPU drivers, which is total bs, because I’ve had the latest and it’s obviously not the issue; got no other response from Steinberg about it).